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How A Family Lawyer Can Help You

The family law system in Australia helps people find solutions to the legal aspects of family relationship problems. Family law is a branch of law that covers a wide variety of cases. When looking for a family lawyer, it's advisable to seek one who has specific expertise in your case. Here are some of the cases that family lawyers handle.

Child Custody And Adoption

The issue of child custody usually arises in divorce cases. If you and your ex-spouse cannot decide who will keep the child after you're divorced, the court will render its decision on the matter. When presiding over child custody cases, the court will consider the child's needs, the parents' mental and physical health, and the parents' financial status. Having a family lawyer argue by your side will improve your chances of a favourable ruling in a child custody case.

The Adoption of Children's Act governs adoptions in Australia. The regulations laid out in the Act are meant to ensure a child's best interest. A family lawyer will make sure that a couple who is interested in adopting a child complies with the Act's regulations. Furthermore, a family lawyer will be resourceful when it comes to obtaining and submitting the required paperwork for adoption.  

Domestic Violence And Divorce

Domestic violence in Australia refers to abuse, violence, or intimidation between people who have an intimate relationship. The accused person uses force to dominate or control their victim. This causes psychological and physical harm. Domestic violence can be in the form of sexual assault, physical assault, financial abuse, emotional abuse, or social abuse. A family lawyer can help you take specific measures against the perpetrator of domestic violence. For example, you may get a restraining order against someone stalking you, or you may be compensated for physical assault.

Many marriages in Australia end in divorce. Family law courts grant divorces if a couple has irreconcilable differences. Divorce involves a plethora of issues, including distribution of property, child support, child custody and alimony, to mention but a few. A family lawyer can help you get the best terms in a divorce case. Furthermore, with a lawyer by your side, your divorce can be resolved much more amicably and faster than when you are handling the situation on your own.


Family law involves issues affecting individuals in a family setting. A family lawyer is knowledgeable in different aspects of family law, and their expertise can help improve your chances of a win in court. Some of the common cases that family attorneys deal with include child custody, adoption, domestic violence and divorce. Reach out to a family law practitioner for more information.