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3 Questions To Ask Your Compensation Lawyer

Compensation lawyers are legal professionals that represent people who wish to claim compensation for personal injuries. The article below discusses some questions that you should use to interview your compensation lawyer. Hopefully, they will increase your knowledge of compensation claims and ensure that you work with a highly skilled lawyer. 

1. What Is The Probability For Success? 

It would be unreasonable to spend valuable resources pursuing a claim if there is little chance for success. Therefore, the lawyer's first task would be to evaluate the possibility of receiving compensation. Ideally, you should prove beyond reasonable doubt that the other party is responsible for your injuries. If you bear some responsibility (take a case where you operated a machine when drunk), the lawyer will have to develop an argument to prove that you deserve compensation (it could be the machine was faulty). Compensation claims have a time limit in Australia. Typically, you cannot make a claim if the accident happened more than three years ago. 

2. How Much Is The Claim Worth? 

Most clients assume that every compensation claim is worth millions of dollars. However, this is not always the case. Your lawyer will consider the following when determining the amount to claim: 

3. How Long Will The Process Take? 

The truth is that your lawyer cannot give a definite answer to this question. There are a lot of factors that could slow down the process. For instance, some parties will take too long to respond to the demand letter sent by the lawyer in a bid to get you desperate. Other parties will intentionally frustrate negotiation meetings. It is for this reason that clients should be patient with the process. A compensation lawyer will use various tactics to compel the other party to pay maximum compensation. 

When hiring a compensation lawyer, conduct some background research to examine their experience and winning history. If possible, you should hire a no-win-no-fee compensation lawyer. It prevents you from incurring legal expenses if you lose the case.